19 June 2013 | SCSi Capital, Mumbai

Scsi Capital to actively explore investment opportunities to participate in the semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem in India. India with its vast young population is a fast growing market for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. The Indian government recently announced a set of policies aimed at providing preferential market access to local manufacturers triggering a race to set up local production capacity

15 October 2013 | SCSi Capital, Mumbai
SCSi Capital has entered into a binding arrangement with the largest of the three consortia building multi billion dollar semiconductor fabs in India to provide a USD 800 million line for structured finance. Scsi will provide equipment financing and leasing to the consortia promoted by US based alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology - India's premier engineering colleges .

10 December 2013 | SCSi Capital, Mumbai
SCSi Capital India announced launch of investment banking activities in India through a SEBI approved merchant banking arm to tap the opportunity of providing investment banking services to the emerging semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem in India. The Indian investment bank will provide services in the area of equity syndication, structured finance, cross border M&A and taxation advisory