Business Philosophy

SCSi Capital was founded on the simple premise that extraordinary returns can be generated in the knowledge age from simple ventures that pursue perfection in thought, word, product and benefit. Perfection attracts abundance. Abundance leads to happiness. And happiness forms the base for even more perfection. Leading to a cycle of accelerating growth, profitability and market share – with perpetually escalating returns on capital deployed.

The values defining SCSi and its team lie at its core, defining their identity and professional behaviour in all aspects of their business and practice.

Individual Excellence: To develop a global practice by partnering with outstanding individuals in an entrepreneurial format.

Independence: To provide an environment where each individual has the ability to fearlessly voice opinions without biases and is duly empowered to make and implement decisions.

Diversity: To encourage exchange of thoughts, backgrounds and inputs, divergent but honed towards a common goal.

Meritocracy: To acknowledge merit and reward talent, skill, perseverance and creativity ahead of age, seniority and any other bias.

Orientation towards excellence: To have benchmarks that compare with the best in class globally partner.

Professionalism: To have the highest standards of conduct in dealing with all stakeholders and have systems, policies and behaviour which encourage organizational effectiveness.

Alignment: To align professional mandates with the inherent skills and interests of the individual which encourages people to reach their potential.