As an entrepreneurial group, all Scsi Capital team members work in an entrepreneurial format for association with the firm. As a result, we have no pre defined hierarchies or roles with individual contribution clearly measured and rewarded.

At SCSi you will have the opportunity to do interesting and challenging work in a business that is dynamic. You will work with intelligent, engaging, and experienced team members. One of our differentiating traits versus our peer firms is the level of portfolio company exposure and responsibility given to our intrapreneurs.

Another exciting proposition for you is the opportunity to participate in the building of an exceptional, global, diversified financial services firm. We are still a young organization, but with lofty aspirations. As we grow, we present our intrapreneurs with many new challenges, new roles and opportunities, to contribute in building a best-in-class institution. We want our employees to be excited about building their careers at SCSi.

When it comes to the workplace, we strive to create an environment where our employees look forward to coming into work each day.