SCSi Capital is managed by a three tiered organization comprising of a global governing council, an Asian executive council and independent country offices - with centralized knowledge centers for analytics and research. The Governing Council helps give overall direction and provides strategic inputs with a global perspective. The Governing Council comprises of twenty one members. Each of the members typically has 40+ years of work experience in a senior government role in their home countries.

The operations of the fund are supervised by an Asia based Executive Council with resident Managing Directors in China, Asean, South Asia and Rest of Asia. The country heads are supported by Executive Council Members in Treasury, Legal, HRD, Research, Analysis, Taxation, Accounting, Forecasting, Systems and Quantitative Modeling. Executive Council members typically have held senior positions in academia, management consulting, government and industry with direct exposure to regulation, public policy and technology.

The country offices are built around country level regulated and licensed entities in areas like fund management, investment banking, securities management, merchant banking, credit rating, consumer research and hedge fund operations.